Mexico living offers affordable, modern, easy opportunities for temporary or permanent relocation. With beaches, rainforest, and World Heritage sites within a day’s drive, Mexico is a unique chance to experience a world of culture in a place that feels like home.

Why Mexico

Along with its affordable living, striking countryside and amazing food options, Mexico features world class attractions, all within an easy drive.

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Live in comfort as a couple for under $2,000 a month, including home, household services, and property taxes.

With 6,000 miles of coastline and a broad range of ecosystems to visit, there’s a piece of paradise for everyone..

Mexico is a quick and inexpensive flight away from the United States, for visits, family, and general travel.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes! Your dogs will need a health certificate from a USDA certified veterinarian stating that they have received their rabies vaccination at least 15 days prior to entry, and have had preventative treatment for internal and external parasites within the last 6 months. There is a general limit of two pets per person – additional pets require specific import paperwork and fees. If you are bringing pets other than cats or dogs, additional forms may be required.

When moving, you may bring your used, personal items, clearly labeled and inventoried. Packing for your move should be done with the consideration that your items may be unpacked and inspected – professional preparation can make this process easier and faster, especially if your items are delicate. Customs may be relatively quick or take several hours; we recommend using professional movers to minimize your hassle and ensure an easy transition.

When packing for your move, make sure all items are properly inventoried and labeled on the moving boxes. Remember that your items can be checked, and the easier you make this process, the faster your customs experience will be.

When moving, you may bring used items intended for your home duty free – this includes furniture, linens, books, clothes, as well as scientific and art work. When deciding what to pack and what to buy, keep in mind that some furniture and larger goods are less expensive in Mexico, and if you’re looking to replace or upgrade your existing goods, waiting to purchase can be affordable and save time in customs.

For a move to Mexico, you will need a FM-3 Non-immigrant visa, or FM-2 immigrant visa in addition to proof of residency, paperwork for bringing your household goods, and any certificates for your pets, as needed. Additional forms will be required depending on your circumstances – we are happy to connect you with appropriate assistance and provide resources for the completion of this process.

Life in Mexico is relaxed, simple, and generally more service-oriented than life in the United States. It’s much easier to find assistance in household and maintenance tasks, and daily services (such as hiring drivers, food prep assistance, etc) are affordable and accessible.

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"These guys are awesome and honest. I contracted them to do my Seattle to Mexico move and they were prompt and professional. The contract was clear and to the point. No surprises here. They even helped me taking my dogs and their stuff to Mexico. They know all the right moves and are fluently bilingual too!!!"
Washington to Quintana
"They are the SAME company on both sides of the border and the SAME level of service in Mexico and the USA. This company gives me peace of mind and helped to calm my anxiety."
California to Nayarit